Manifest Abundance And Weave The Tapestry Of A Prosperous Future

Manifest Abundance And Weave The Tapestry Of A Prosperous Future

Abundance is a state of being from which we build one reality or another. I am convinced that most people want to manifest abundance and have a prosperous life, but they do not know how. If you really want to achieve this, you are in the right place!

Today I will teach you how to balance your life and advance on the path to prosperity through two exercises I have been practicing for more than 15 years. So, let’s jump right into the fascinating journey of manifesting abundance and building a prosperous future!

I will start by sharing that abundance is like a muscle. Yes, you read that correctly: Abundance must be exercised daily in order to develop it. One of the ways to strengthen the abundance mindset is by practicing gratitude on a daily basis. Just like physical exercise, the more this is practiced, the more effective and natural it becomes, becoming a powerful tool for creating a fulfilling life.

However, achieving a prosperous and abundant life involves overcoming a series of obstacles. How often have incredible ideas occurred to us, but we do not dare to act? How many business plans have been abandoned out of fear of failure? Fear, self-sabotage, and emotional blocks are part of the difficulties that affect our emotional balance.

In my case, when I was pregnant with my second child in New York, I spent seven months without sleep because I didn’t know how I was going to survive and pay all my bills on my salary. This type of situation destabilizes us; therefore, it is vital to learn to achieve inner balance. Otherwise, it will be difficult for the abundance we want to manifest to come into our lives.

Whether emotional, economic, or physical, we must feel prosperity in the body. If we give our brains an order and tell them everything is fine, then that peace and tranquility will allow us to begin the creation process. Feeling is creating, and therein lies the secret: it’s not just about thinking, it’s about feeling.

The Art of Mindful Breathing

Breathing is the first thing we do at birth and the last thing we do before leaving this world. It has a significant impact on our energy and our emotional state.

When you have problems with abundance, you don’t breathe the same. If you pay attention, you will realize that you are taking unbalanced breaths. They are not slow or harmonious.

Next, I am going to teach you the first exercise – the practice of conscious breathing. This exercise has helped me maintain emotional balance and has allowed me to experience positive results in my life.

First, join the thumb and index finger of your right hand, forming what is known as “Gyan Mudra”, and place that hand on your right leg. Next, close your left nostril with your left thumb and start taking breaths through the right nostril. Inhale and exhale slowly and deeply for a few minutes, feeling how the air enters, runs through your body, and leaves.

Now that you have your breathing under control, begin to visualize everything you long for and want for your life and your future. After a few minutes, slowly lower your left hand and, following in Gyan Mudra with both hands on your legs and your eyes closed, pay attention to the sensations in your body. To finish, smile, thank yourself for being in the present moment, and very slowly open your eyes.

This is a simple but powerful exercise that I recommend you do at least three minutes per day for 40 days. Remember that breathing is living; breathing is creating. When we learn to breathe well, we live well.

Tell Yourself a Beautiful Story

The second exercise to manifest abundance is one I call “Tell Yourself a Beautiful Story”. Our minds have more than 80,000 thoughts each day, but these are often focused on fears and survival. As a result, we live in anguish and fear most of the time.

By practicing this exercise, you will begin to speak to yourself and feel differently. Remember that the important thing is the story we tell our minds every day.

Now, surely you are wondering what this is about, exactly. In truth, it is a very simple practice consisting of two parts:

Part One: How do you talk to yourself?

In my book “We All Have a Story to Tell,” I highlight the importance of discovering what story we tell ourselves, because the power of what we tell ourselves is enormous. If we pause to listen to our internal dialogue, we will realize that we do not always speak to each other with enthusiasm, illusion, or passion.

In this exercise, I propose that you take control of that voice and identify how many times you are your own cheerleader and how many times you speak badly to yourself. If you do not have the life you dream of today as you are reading this article, it is because your inner voice has not been speaking to you like a cheerleader. If you take control of your voice and your story, you will certainly live your dream.

Second Part: Visualize and Feel

In this step, we are going to tell ourselves the story of what a day in our perfect life would be like. Thus, we will visualize our location, what we have done that day, who we shared it with, how we feel, etc. We must imagine all the good things we want for our lives and feel it in our bodies. In this way, we ground that desire and assume that we are already living that reality – that we are already living the story about what we want to be!

The moment you make the decision to change and feel better, everything starts to align. Keep in mind that the key to manifesting abundance is to balance your interior and commit to your vision.

If you want to learn more techniques to transform your current situation, I invite you to keep an eye on my social networks, where I will be sharing information about upcoming retreats and abundance mentoring. Join my community and be part of a transformative experience!

Remember that if you take control of your life, you will create the beautiful story that you have always wanted to live!

A big hug,

Bisila Bokoko

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