The recipe for reinventing oneself at work & life

Ingredients for a successful reinvention process

When a crisis arises in our lives we must witness it as an invitation to reinvent one’s self. It wasn’t until after my very own career crises that I learned the core ingredients to reinvent myself into a more fulfilling line of work.

7 years ago I was really fed up with my life. I felt stuck in my job, I was overweight, had countless sleepless nights, and conflict in my relationships.

I knew I was ready for a change. I thought maybe I could leave my job but I had a privileged position at a high profile company with financial security and a family to take care of. It was too much of a risk to leave. How could I make that jump while still maintaining my professional status in the business community?

I thought at 37 years old, I was at the top of my career and that I had power! Boy, I was fooling myself. Although, on the outside my life and career looked good, on the inside I was miserable. I was playing the victim and complaining about everything that was happening. I wasn’t listening to the voice of my soul. Instead I was listening to the voice of my ego. That voice kept me safe in a comfortable job waiting for something to just change on its own.

Well, it did. One day things did change in a major way. I was let go from my comfortable job. Suddenly the arguments that I kept telling to myself were no longer valid. The prestige, the status, what other people thought. None of it mattered anymore.

After a long period of reflection, I made a pretty big realization. I realized that I was playing the victim; all the issues I was complaining about in my life, it was I who created them. When I put my ego aside, I could see the situation more clearly and see my responsibility in all the situations that I was blaming others for.

What I learned is that if I wanted to experience change I had to let go of the fear and embrace a new state of mind.

I made the decision to embrace the unknown, and focus on inventing a new version of myself. I always wanted to run my own company and the last decade of my career led me to do exactly that. So I decided to take on a new course of work and become a social entrepreneur. Through this decision, I could become the person I always wanted to be. I now had the opportunity to invent my own work each day and live my life in alignment with what matters to me.

I started reading personal development books. I reconnected with my spirituality through yoga. I started working with coaches and mentors all of which contributed to my reinvention as a person.

Those fears of paying the bills and taking care of my family were still there but became quieter as I learned to keep putting one courageous foot after another in building my own path.

If you are in the midst of a personal crisis, it may be your life telling you that your are in need of a course correction.

The art of reinvention is a very simple recipe. If you follow it closely you will find that everything you always wanted has already been waiting for you. Here is what you will need to reinvent yourself and your life:


– 1 cup of self-knowledge

– 2 cups of self-acceptance

– 3 spoons of soul searching

– 1 box of action plan

– 1 spoon of reality

– 2 spoons of bravery

– 3 cups of new habits

– 1 big spoon of faith and trust


1. In order to reinvent yourself, you need to control your negative thoughts and emotions. You’ll need to recognize the limiting beliefs and what is stopping you from living life to its full potential. You must accept who you are and start to build the person you want to become.

2. Those who search will find what they are looking for. Finding the right direction in life is an emotional and spiritual journey. You need to invest your energy in connecting with your highest self.

3. The magic happens when you create a plan. Start by exploring new pathways, new ideas, and new people. Develop short and long term plans and become determined to go as far as you can.

4. Examine the the world around you, learn, prepare yourself, master your talents and start following your passion. Abandon the victim within you and take charge of your life and destiny giving yourself permission to shine in a new light! You are programmed to succeed and determined to continue with persistence and determination.

Life is growth, to live, to reinvent, and to renew.

Now you have learned a recipe for that will feed your appetite for success. So what are you waiting for? Lean in and take a bite!

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