Reflections on success after my 4th Forbes feature

To say that dreams come true is no longer a foreign concept. In this day and age of infinite opportunity and plentiful resources, we now live in an era where believing in the power of ‎manifesting our goals, is the new normal. 

Let me give you an example from my own career.

About ten years ago, I would spend many hours envisioning myself in Forbes Magazine. Little did I know the turn my life would take that ultimately landed me a total of four features in a highly respected, prestigious business journal. In my most recent feature, I was included in the same issue with Oprah Winfrey! 

I am happy to celebrate this career milestone with two key people from my team who ‎have been essential ingredients to building this dream. My brand management strategists Sissi Johnson and Tatiana Lussamaki; the geniuses working behind the scenes who brilliantly translated my values and vision to reality! 

While many of us associate the Forbes brand with success and wealth, for me it means something more than that. Personally, it represents an alignment with my own definition of success which is to be free to do what I love and impact lives in any way possible through my work.

Wealth comes from the people you surround yourself with and your closest circle with which you can share your goals and vision. I am fortunate to work with a team that lifts me up and together we climb to reach our personal best. 

My recipe for success has always been my inner circle and surrounding myself with people who believe in me. Achieving your highest goal is not something you can do by yourself. In order to make the dream work, it has to be a win-win for all parts involved. You must have faith in your team and listen to feedback. In doing so, your vision becomes clearer and achievable when you are able to see them from a different angle and perspective. My dream of being featured in Forbes is a confirmation of the power we all have to accomplish anything. There is no special magic to achieving our dreams. You only must have a willingness to believe in them.

In order to achieve what we’ve always dreamed of, we must first visualize it, believe in it, define what success means to you, and surround yourself with a team of supportive people to help you build it. 

Follow this formula and there is no doubt your dreams will come true.

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