Ingredients for success as an entrepreneur

For those who want to expand their entrepreneurial spirit, the undertaking won’t be a bed of roses, but at the same time, it will be fascinating.

With regard to the famous question of whether an entrepreneur is born or made, I believe we all have an entrepreneur within us. There is no special gene that a privileged few have that makes them industrious. On the contrary; if we were left in the middle of a jungle and had to fend for ourselves, we would see how that entrepreneurial vocation awakened!

Coming up with a business idea is the easy part.  The characteristic that distinguishes dreamers from real entrepreneurs is the willingness to take action, which is the most challenging part of the process. Why, however, are we sometimes unwilling to take that step, if our original intent is to succeed?

The main reasons include the following fears or behaviors

Fear of failure

This is one of the most common fears shared by all types of personality types, both in business and in their personal lives. Among entrepreneurs, however, this fear becomes more latent.

The fear that the project will not go ahead, that the numbers will not add up, that the project has no further path, or that we cannot sell it is constantly with us. Although this fear can never be completely overcome, when we stop stigmatizing failure and transform it into a learning experience, everything changes! It helps us to live more comfortably in uncertainty and to assess risks.

Let’s think of failure as an opportunity to try something new and if it doesn’t work, then it’s time to do something new! Dare to try again and again!

Imposter syndrome

Impostor syndrome is a fear that is characterized by feeling undeserving of what one has or what one has achieved. It is something that affects many entrepreneurs and sows insecurity. It also renders us unable to recognize our merits. This fear makes us doubt when to perform a service or put a product on the market, because we fear that we don’t know enough to do what is required to be successful, even though we have the skills and knowledge to do so.

Fear of change

This fear is another common one, because our brains are designed to avoid change, and we like to remain where we feel comfortable and safe. Change always poses a threat to who we think we are, yet it is something that, as entrepreneurs, we cannot avoid. No matter what stage of business we are in, we must be flexible and keep an open mind in order to move forward, because a fixed mindset limits us and does not let us grow.

Extreme perfectionism

Extreme perfectionism is a great enemy of entrepreneurs. One of the consequences of excessive perfectionism in entrepreneurs is the tendency to run away from new challenges. It can prevent us from moving forward because we refuse to take risks or because we take a long time to perform simple tasks due to our high standards.

Ingredients to succeed as entrepreneurs

1. Trust and security

One of the main keys to a successful business is to have confidence and security, both in oneself and in the product or service we offer. Without believing in ourselves, even if we have a great idea, it is frightening to bet on it. To be successful as an entrepreneur, you have to make friends with your fears.

2. Leadership

Being an entrepreneur is an attitude that requires leadership, which will allow us to move all the pieces in order to get the perfect play on the market. The business-wide approach needs a committed and enthusiastic leader who is present in all processes and ideas. This leader must take care of the people around him and inspire them with his example.

3. Love what you do

Another key to being a successful entrepreneur is to love what you do. In difficult times, having true passion will keep you from giving up on your ideals. Enjoying your work affords you the opportunity to take advantage of any situation in a positive manner.

4. Be creative

A good entrepreneur must be creative at all times. It is important not to stop developing and always wanting to do new things. The entrepreneur must always be ready to promote and manage their services and products. Creativity is a talent that must be constantly cultivated!

5. Be Resilient

Being entrepreneurs requires us to cultivate resilience – the ability to overcome situations of great stress and adversity and use these situations to grow. It helps you to become like a phoenix! Resilience isn’t running away from yourself; it is turning adversity into a great teacher. It is falling down and getting up again to walk more safely the next time.

We must be very clear about our purpose because that purpose will lift us up every day and encourage us to move forward! In my case it is the freedom to do what I want with my time. What is your purpose?

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