Female Founders Day

Female Startup Leaders November 29, 2022
Female Founders Day is an event to connect mentors and give visibility to the figure of women within the world of technological entrepreneurship in its all forms: investors, founders, communicators and STEM promoters.
Bisila Bokoko Female Founders Day 2022
Bisila Bokoko Female Founders Day 2022
Bisila Bokoko shared her experience as a black woman of Guinean descent and how her family and books enabled her to get to know her own story and transform her own narrative.
In addition, she highlighted the importance of having mentors and examples as well as events like this to share stories and inspire other people: "It is so important to have references and events like Female Founders Day where we can be inspired by other people who have done something that we would like to do. because that way we can see ourselves reflected in those people".
Bisila Bokoko Female Founders Day 2022

She also highlighted the role of women in her professional development: "I have met many women in my life who have set the ladder for me to climb."

Bisila Bokoko Female Founders Day 2022
Lastly, she talked about how her commitment to her most important personal project, the African Literacy Project arose. In it, she seeks to build bridges through books. With it, it is highlighted the importance of education "it does not give you success, but it does give you the option of choose," she concluded.
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